Welcome to Brite Detailing.

I’m Blane McLaughlin, a young entrepreneur and car detailing enthusiast.

I’ve always been into car detailing since I was old enough to remember. My first car detailing project was performed on a BMW X5, which my Dad owned. I’ve always been an entrepreneur, I think it must be in my blood as my Mum and Dad always taught me that ‘I can do anything – if I work hard and focus!’ As well as doing my school exams, it was a natural progression that I plan for my time after school – and that’s why I built Britedetailing.co.uk. BriteDetailing is different from the other players on the market, because we’re focused on selling better products, at a cheaper price, to a more discerning consumer! Here’s how we’re different:

Amazing Products

We’ve partnered with the best product suppliers, including Angelwax, Juicy Details and The Chem Guys, to bring an amazing range of products to your doorstep. And in partnership with our suppliers, we’ll be doing lots of great product demo’s; coupon code discounts, and prize draw giveaways! So, keep an eye on our Social Media channels for more details!

Detailing University

Brite doesnt just reflect the finish we achieve with our cars, it also reflects our aspirations – to be as bright as we can be! We’re aiming to help train other kids in the skills of detailing and business, so that they too can ‘start their own business’, or gain a job in the sector. So, watch out for our forthcoming video series where we introduce: detailing tools for the job; latest products available; and of course how we detail a car.

Now you know what we do. Now we look forward to calling you our customer.

Thanks for reading.

Blane McLaughlin.