Crail Raceway Revo German Invasion – a great success

The team from Brite Detailing was at Crail Raceway on Sunday 13th September. We decided to take a range of products from Chemical Guys, Juicy Details, Angelwax and Kleen Freaks to gauge reaction. This was the first time the Brite Detailing van had been fully loaded with Gazebo, display equipment, stock, water and our own cleaning kit.

The day started very early and we got to Crail Raceway around 8. The staff at Crail were tremendous. We wrestled with the Gazebo for a couple of hours trying to get it up and looking good. We hadn’t noticed how many cars had come in since we arrived and were pleasantly surprised with the attendance and how close we were to the crowd. By this time it was a lovely day and the products from Chemical Guys and Juicy Details were flying off the shelves.

Blane was getting some great comments on his product knowledge from lots of customers and this was helping our sales efforts.


One of our customers kindly gave us their car and this was prepared using Chemical Guys products.

The day passed very quickly helped by the weather, the cars, customers and the loud noise from the Revo strip.

All in all a fantastic day that could not have been as successful had it not been for the efforts of Murray.

The Brite Detailing team will now be regulars at Crail Raceway and hope to meet lots more people over the coming months.


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